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socialPALS - Deine All-In-One Marketing-Lösung für Marken und Händler

We are a young team of online marketing specialists who greatly enjoy our work and have the necessary know-how

We have years of experience in all facets of online and offline trade and know how difficult it can be to acquire new customers or sell new products – especially when time and resources are limited.

We are convinced that local dealer marketing is the key to this.


We make you digital

use potential

We don't want to sell you a social media tool, we want to sell your entire marketing communication Take it to a new level with the content and tools that you know as a Brand or dealer already available.

become visible

We want potential customers to perceive your campaign as welcome information, as they come directly from the channels of the local dealers is communicated and reaches its target group exactly where it is.

make work easier

We want you to have more time for the really important things and not with the Have to deal with maintaining individual online channels and content. So simplify and we automate complex processes and make your day-to-day work more effective.

Growing together!

We want to strengthen the connection between brand, retailer, and customer, and make your digital marketing really successful.


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Behind the scene

The Team

socialPALS Team – Bastian Müller

Bastian Müller

CEO & Founder

socialPALS Team – Leonard Meisels

Leonard Meisels

CEO & Founder

socialPALS Team – Florian Kreuzer

Florian Kreuzer

Product Owner

socialPALS Team – Aurica Abelmann

Aurica Abelmann

Sales & Finance

socialPALS Team – Marlon Vinko

Marlon Vinko


Irina Schulz - socialPALS

Irina Schulz

Human Resources & Sales

socialPALS Team – Amelie Fellner

Amelie Fellner

Account Management

Patrick Haas - Account Manager bei socialPALS

Patrick Haas

Account Management

Maria Witschak – Praktikantin Account Management

Maria Witschak

Account Management

socialPALS Team – Lena Asch

Lena Asch

Account Management

socialPALS Team - Blanka Gabric

Blanka Gabric

Customer Success

Katrin Buchschwenter

Katrin Buchschwenter

Customer Success

socialPALS Team – Giorgiana Reitmayer

Giorgiana Reitmayer

Customer Success

Joey-John Rogers

Joey-John Rogers

Customer Success

Sean Erten

Sean Erten

Customer Success

Oshane Gordon

Oshane Gordon

Customer Success

Julia Eckart - Content Manager & Marketing bei socialPALS

Julia Eckart


socialPALS Team – Vroni Heidrich

Vroni Heidrich

Graphic & Web Design

socialPALS Team - Claudia Frank

Claudia Frank

Graphic Design

socialPALS Team – Monika Brödel

Monika Brödel

Graphic & Web Design

socialPALS Team – Dummy Bild

Marcus Haas

Graphic & Web Design

socialPALS Team – Dummy Bild

Jan Meinhardt

Video Production

socialPALS Team – Dummy Bild

Roland Brödel


socialPALS Team - Christian Müller

Christian Müller

Graphic Design

socialPALS Team - Ayra


Office Dog

socialPALS Team - Jochen Müller

Jochen Müller


Mobile Jazz - www.mobilejazz.com - Web Developement

Mobile Jazz

Web Development

socialPALS Team
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